My G920 Bind issues

Hello, I have found a few issues with my G920 when using Custom under Steering Wheel.

I cannot find any way to bind a control such as LT + B for the headlights. If you go to bind LT + B, it just recognises the first input then confirms. It would be great if we could map 2 buttons which need to be pressed at the same time just like the default controls.

The camera rotation seems to be broken no matter the control bind I use.

If I map "Turn camera right or left" to the D pad, it only moves one pixel as such. Doesn't move constantly if held down.

If I map "Camera Rotation X or Y to any of the D pad axis the camera constantly spins and doesn't respond to input well at all. Here is a video showing this. As the wheel does not have a joystick like an Xbox controller, it is more difficult to "look around" and if this could be resolved it'd make not reaching for the mouse such a constant task!

Youtube Video

Thank you for reading.

@Jellyfoosh @Outenabout

I have noticed with my Driving Force GT, that also keyboard controls are a bit "messed up".

Prior to this release, I could safely bind a button on my wheel to E/Q for difflock and AWD. Now any input with the wheel will "block" my keyboard simulations. I can directly assign ONE button from the game, but I cannot as before map a controller button or "sequence/shift function" to a simulated keypress.

Youtube Video

as example. First half "e/q works as keyboard input, as soon as I twist the wheel and generate Direct-X "Messages" it doesnt. As soon as I move the wheel, the e/q "hotkeys" near the AWD/Difflock vanish.

Same bug? I assume yes, because keybindings are simulated inputs of a virtual keyboard. And these go now to nowhere as soon as DirectX signals are generated. Currently it cannot handle keypresses and DirectX simultaneously.

For third person view I suggest the following behaviour:
clockwise CW will move "center vehicle -> left side of vehicle still perfectly forward -> 30° peeking right direction -> 60° peek right. CCW/left the same. One click is one 30° peek. Near center you have additionally the left and right side view but still perfectly parallel to vehicle axis.

Or take 15°, whatever.

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