This is from a one-sided inclined tainted supposition similarly as a disclaimer from the beginning. In any case, I think the degree of robotized precision the scavs at the present exhibit is strange. I love the enhancements to their activities. The plundering, running, squirming, and so forth, are for the most part huge enhancements for increasing the power of the game. In any case, while the remainder of their activities have been carried nearer into the domain of authenticity, their AI directed point tips it drastically into the domain of senselessness. I would even been ready for their improved point in normal conditions, yet their "human" restrictions are nonexistent. It used to be that you could nearly stroll on head of a scav in a night strike, which I concur is similarly as senseless, yet it appears the scavs have been squeezing with carrots and have laser vision in obscurity, substantial haze, through hedges, and so forth. It used to be you don't re-top a similar spot with a thief, presently it resembles you don't endeavor to exchange with a scav except if you get them on a visually impaired corner confronting the other way.

I kicked the bucket to Sanitar's young men a few days back on the grounds that they shot me through 2 layers of hedges that I fled through, and couldn't see the manors through any longer.

TLDR: Got 2 tapped by a scav, am pungent about it, and think the auto-point should be brought once more into the domain of practical without transforming them over into moronic slug wipes.

That's it in a nutshell. Off to gEt GoOd and bite the dust to more scavs.