Large high saddle "semitrailer" working not as intended (I hope)

Youtube Video

I hope that the trailer's "rectracted" supports can be retracted even more. The "small semi" has no issue getting above that hilltop.

Theorectically, there is enough ground clearance left. BTW, you cant even winch that trailer above this hilltop. So It needs either to shorten them with an angle grinder & plasma cutter or have them retracted a bit more.

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I've gotten the 5-slot sideboard stuck in that exact spot when I used the Zikz to pull the drill. Appears to be the lower rails that would get caught on that ridge and hinder me. It's a tough spot to navigate sometimes depending on the equipment used.

I used this trailer because I lost that same cargo using the 5 slot semi few minutes before some yards later. Tip over in the muddy "s" corner. Thats why I tried the wider trailer with larger tires assuming "more stable" a try. Which got stuck way more easy.

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