Windows 10 only?

Heyo, so I hear the PC requirements are out now & it appears only Windows 10 is supported. Just wanted to say how unfortunate this is as despite being over the recommended specs for everything & there by well over the minimum I appear to be hamstrung by my usage of Windows 8.1!

It's abit of a bummer especially since I just wangled my self 3 extra days at home so I could play it 😞 but are these confirmed? If so I guess I'll have to cancel my preorder which sucks but thats life. If someone could confirm it I'll be grateful.

Turns out you can still get windows 10 for free if you own 7 or 8 even though they've stopped advertising as much, be warned if you use 7 it apparently wipes alot of stuff (not sure what as it didn't effect me I didn't read it). I had to google it to find it but it's an option for you if your OS is all that's holding you back. Hope this helps someone.