Bug with A-10 autocannon.

Have you noticed a sound error with the A-10 autocannon?
If not, then I will explain: the A10 autocannon shells are super sonic.
This means that first the projectile hits the target, after which we hear the characteristic sound "brrrrrrr".
The essence of the question is that after the recent update, first there is the sound of a shot and only then a hail of shells.
Which is strange, because earlier, both in sandstorm and in the previous game, the sound was set correctly.
I have a question with what it is connected? A developer error, or do I have a bug?
P.s .: if something is not clear, or is written with errors, I apologize, I am Russian, and I do not speak English very well.

Yup. That's weird... Should be an easy fix, though.

Its not you. Its the sound has changed for everyone. I'm still pissed about not getting the Helly kills as commander. Is this going to be fixed?

@Desperate-Spurt I have a feeling that the helicopters have been rebalanced in such a way that they are less useful. Moreover, they became easier to shoot them down. The last couple of weeks I have been observing a situation in which the helicopter gets lost in the first seconds of its appearance.