Few suggestions for 8.0

Keyboard shortcut turning off beacons and suspension mode.

Modifying Antarctic with full time diff lock and reduce the wheel spin somehow. (Thanks for fixing snorkel, had fun fishing 🙂

F 750 engines: 4.0 2 level power, 4.4 3 level, 5.0 4 level and 6.6 6 level. Having 4.0, 4.4 and 5.0 at 2 level is unrealistic. (200hp vs 300hp)

Fix YAR in snow incessant slipping. With this gigantic tires, it should glide over snow with ease. It looks like it is under water fighting the water's drag. Same should be done with balloon tire trucks. Balloon tires are extremely effective in snow, exept inh this game.

Allow Khan to have trailers, the hitch is there.

Have the Acteon and Warthog pull scout trailers or have a small fuel tank and small maintenance trailer with less weight.
Acteon with fuel tank and small parts trailer would be ideal support vehicle.

When putting mud in maps, remember water drains down by gravity. There are too many mud pits at top of hills and in rick formations. If you spend time outside, higher hills are dryer.

All vehicles can have chains and by their design, tire chains fit in any tire. There is ZERO reason why Tatarin can't have chains. Kolobs also.

Take time to try maps with various trucks. Getting metal detector in Imandra takes Tatarin or Antarctic if not, it takes almost an hour to navigate mud pit (in winter... mud freezes) and snow drift and other pit and other drift.
If you can't do it reasonably in a Loadstar, it may be unrealistic. (Remember there are houses and people living there, they dont all walk).

Account for trail-masters, maintenance and basic stuff like axes.
The sideways tree in Imandra is a great example, of where truckers would soon get together and remove it.
The same for the slush pit between the rocks. There is gravel EVERYWHERE so very easy to fill it up.

So there you go. These are my suggestions for real world experience in off road road building.
Keep up the good works and the maps and lighting and truck detail is really awesome 🙂

Do not know why they did not make a task to remove the tree, Imandra I really do not like the design of the map to much feel like there no balance between this map difficulty really wish we could restore some bridges,clear down light poles and clean up some deep snow.

The tire part is a bit confusing, Some tire pattern have good 3D models, others are completely textured. A tire with only a texture pattern on the snow chain version suddenly became 3D. Tire prints do not correspond to patterns. In fact, there are far fewer types of tire prints than patterns. Almost all tire marks are too narrow, which is more obvious on some types of tires. And the development team seems to have no idea to perfect, In the forum picture, Caterpillar 770G has left a very discordant tire mark with a huge tire.

But all of this is secondary. New game+ and bug fixes are the most important.