Has anyone else noticed the bots have gotten a bit full

Just noticed a bit more often now that the bots are getting accurate at long range and easy kills more with the last update is this going to change cheers

I noticed in the last day or so that the bots have gone back to being super soldiers.

When the night vision stuff got added it was actually a bit nice. If they weren't wearing NOD's they weren't as quick to see you. A group could run by and unless you fired from the shadows they didn't turn and magically shoot at you. If they had NOD's on they might look around and see you but it definitely was an advantage in the dark.

Even in the daylight they seemed decently stacked with skill but I wasn't getting shot with one bullet from far away.

However, I went to play this morning after the most recent update and I noticed they are back to having God awareness. In the dark it doesn't matter what they are wearing, NOD's or not. They tend to open fire right away, even if I'm in the shadows and they've just come around the corner. I'm not turning the IR flashlight on when this happens so it's not as if I'm a glowing target. It's not all the time but it's annoying that they run around corners and immediately open fire on me whereas I am not a god and have to actually search for my targets when looking at a big open area full of debri, walls, etc. So it's annoying how impressively they can do this within a second or two while running.

To hammer it home, the last round I just attempted was at the power plant playing as security. It was daylight. I flanked off to the left of objective A at the beginning. I heard shots ringing out and hitting near my team. Poked a view and fired a grenade into the open and blasted one guy. Then I moved up a bit of elevation next to a wall. I had the complete advantage of viewing an area they might attack from. I got ready and crouched down. 1 enemy, just 1, ran into the clearing about 20 meters away and I fell to 1 shot. I didn't even have a chance to aim at him. He was in a full sprint to head into the building and he dropped me about 1 second after he came into the clearing (technically wasn't even looking at me). There was no way a human player would come around the corner facing a building and somehow immediately know that far away to their side that someone was crouched down and about to shoot toward them. It would take a couple seconds of scanning the scene and probably the dead giveaway of rounds being fired at them (I was using a suppressed weapon so they would have only gotten the bullet cracks).

I say this having played enough to rack up a KDR of just over 13. So I've played against the bots long enough to see when they are doing this god-like combat behavior. The big problem months ago was that they would do similar shots, while running at full sprints, sometimes shooting you when they were running in a direction other than right at you. And then to make it worse their were the ones that would toss molotov cocktails over buildings and they would hit perfectly onto teammates or myself. From enemies that we didn't see and didn't see us. It's as if they had IR guided cocktails to throw at you, or worse.. they had a drone feeding them GPS coordinates to throw GPS guided cocktails. It had seemed in the passed couple weeks as if they'd fixed this but not it appears that it's come back, the god-bots.