My PC auto shutdown when I tried to start the game. Please advise.

Hi all,
My PC auto shutdown with the keyboard and mouse light on. But mother board has stopped working. I have to cut the power to let the keyboard's light off to restart the PC. This happend second time when I try to run this game.

Dear all,
I played this game over 372 hours. I just want to play it since it had the new update. Please kindly help to check. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your reply. It says:
上一次系统的 17:35:57 在 ‎2020/‎8/‎23 上的关闭是意外的。

It means it was closed by accident.. Well, I don't know if this happened due to my SSD installation, I'm gonna place the game in HDD area. Thank you again for the reply, I will let you know if it's working.

It happens again when I tried to put it under HDD area. Rip.