ZiKZ 5368 high saddle bug <PTS 7.5> (still present in 10.3)

Today I was getting stuck more than usual in my ZiKZ, then I've realized why - it has a high saddle hovering under the truck

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.21 - 13.37.59.jpg

When I go to garage I can't remove it or install a functional high saddle.

When I buy a new ZiKZ it doesn't have a hovering high saddle underneath, but I also can't buy/install high saddle for it at all:
Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.21 - 13.53.39.jpg

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The high sadle is appearing like this in your first screenshot because a patch removed the high sadle from that truck but you didn't sell it to update your save wich lead to that kind of situation.

As for why that truck doesn't have a high sadle just take in account physics and structural integrity/weight distribution and you might understand why.

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If it's an intended change then why is it not in the patchnotes? Makes no sense - Fleetstar and Transtar are lighter than ZiKZ and they still have their high saddles, Step 310 - same weight as ZiKZ also has high saddle. This better be a bug or I shoot.


When it comes to patch note details, community manager and developer already told a few times that all change are not listed in each patch note.

Also when it come to Fleetstar Transtar and Step 310 have two rear axle wich is already a bit more believable but nonetheless they shouldn't be able to tow the bigger trailer either, those should be reserved for the heavy truck only and overall contribute to balancing the role/purpose of each truck/class and spread the gameplay around all the different truck instead of a few selected one.

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Kodiak also has one rear axle and still has high saddle. They need to stop bullying ZiKZ, he is little.

I really like the approach to make the trucks different. The Ziks having the high saddle removed is ok for me, but please fix its COG issues. Is so front-top heavy, unbelievable. As if the chassis was made of carbon fibre and the cabin from depleted uranium.

The C70 without "saddle high" - who cares. Thats not exactly "its only strength".

Still a thing in 8.0

So is the removal of high saddle from ZiKZ intended or not? Now my ZiKZ on live 8.0 version has a levitating high saddle under it. I know that reselling the truck will fix this, but how is "average Joe" supposed to know this? The truck is unplayable like this.

This is still messed up in 10.3

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.17 -

@Amynue Sell and re-buy the truck finally. It will solve the problem.
I don't think they are able to fix the truck in your garage.

Removal of high saddle from ZiKZ was never listed in the patch notes as intended change so I treat it as a bug.

@Amynue They don't document a lot of changes. As well as they don't fix a lot of minor issues.
You may continue fighting with the windmills. Anyway the DEVs only listen to what is comfortable for them.

@Amynue It's indeed a very good bug report, we will improve our system to handle installed addons removal if they are no longer available for certain truck

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