BM17 Snorkel failure!(Bumper attachment bug)PTS7.5(And the official version 7.0)

I haven’t tested 4220, because deep enough water is generally far from the garage 😂 😂
6.1 also has this bug, not again

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Interesting. I'm not using a BM17 currently, I did try a modded version that actually promised to fix the snorkel, but it did not.

I think the BM17 is an incorporated modded truck ~ this vehicle does appear in almost every complaint including shuddering and steering violence to map incompatibility and the snorkel.

For all these reasons I am out ~ erm, wrong forum, I don't use it . 🙂

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Did you resell the truck after fix?
I have no problem with BM17 snorkel even on live v6.1, let alone PTS.

This is my Antarctic and BM17 from the latest PTS 7.5. Snorkels are working fine.
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.17 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.17 -

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My 6.1 is completely normal
7.5 New truck,all documents have been verified

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The bumper attachment caused this failure. No attachment and the attachment in the picture below are normal. The remaining two types will cause bugs.

I confirm, the bug is related to front bumper type.
Without any bumper and with Reinforced Bar snorkel is working.
With Handlebars and Impregnable snorkel does not work.
I really don't know how they could program it this much wired way.
All the same at PTS 7.5

Snorkel working
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.18 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.18 -

Snorkel does not work
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.18 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.18 -

I would remove that ugly snorkel completely and replace that with a more decent one behind the cabin or a "hose" along the cabin's front-column.

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And same "aesthetic comment" to the White Western.

UP! The problem still exists in PTS 8.0
BM17 Snorkel functionality still depends on front bumper type.

Should be fixed in 8.1 I believe.

@KiDdYoNe Solved in 8.2, but failed in the official version of 7.0(although it was written into the resolved list)