New Michigan contracts broken - serious problem PTS 8.0

Now "Super Order" and "Cement for the region" contracts are duplicated. Also the contract that is divided into stages is the one that is displayed as "Cement for the region" name, but having "Super Order" tasks under itself.
@esorokin @Jellyfoosh Please fix it and take measures to prevent such mistakes in future.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.16 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.16 -

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UP! The problem still exists in PTS 7.5

In addition on 7.5, the "Cement For The Region" contract has reset and can be activated even though it was completed in a prior build. Similar behavior to when the first two Steel River contracts became available to redo even though they were completed.

UP! The problem still exists in PTS 8.0

When these were first released, they worked fine. I don't understand how these got broken and subsequently, passed on to version 8.

I loaded a fresh save to PTS 8 and this is broken...

This should be fixed in upcoming patch.

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