PTS Update 17/08/2020

Hey everyone!

We've just put out another small PTS update to fix a pressing bug! As always, thanks for your feedback.

  • Fixed black screen and crash at opening minimap.
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Do you guys have any date as to when you may release the new update. I am just wondering; no rush on anything, but it would be nice to at least now a certain date to anticipate the release

@Coywolf1628 they refuse to give a date until “a few days before release” “just in case.” I cannot believe that it’s going to be at least a month and a half in between content drops for an entire Phase.

Does the end of the summer is still the ETA for release?

Any comment on the local Co-Op situation......? as it is still not working

@Jellyfoosh Why don't you fix it so we can play from the same network ?? as it is still not working!

@Feathy The trouble is, even though I sign up for all your posts, I have no reaction! No matter how much I write to him, he doesn't even pay attention to me!

The refuel bug also present in 7.5, guest cannot refuel host's trucks in fuel station, but can from fuel trailers.

@daniel0220 yea, i basicly stopped playing untill it is fixed, when it is fixed il buy season pass and play again.
Untill then... i only saw the first map 😛

I see no reason to play this alone without my bestie.... so far a waste of my money, but i have silent hope in a dark corner of the world

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Woot, one step closer to getting this ready for release. Take whatever time you need so the features that are in this patch already are polished enough for release. Being able to use mods in Coop is my #1 favorite aspect of the current PTS. Least favorite "THAT TREE" yeah you know what tree I am talking bout lol.

What's funny is, I would like like to try a certain truck that was in the game at launch. Not in it's current broken form, but rather in the form it should have been in.

That truck is the Caterpillar CT680. I refuse to use it with that broken suspension. Though I do keep one for a lawn ornament.

It's a powerful and fuel efficient rig, but worthless without the ground clearance that it should have. Getting stuck and hung up on a five inch bump doesn't appeal to me. When it literally drags its frame on the ground in any terrain it's not much use.

Hello @daniel0220! Could you provide your KSIVA please? That would be helpful!

@daniel0220 Thanks fot this! And can you also share your router model and it's settings as well please?

@enovikova What do you think? What settings? Do you need to set something up? Can you give me a tip on what to set up and where?

@enovikova Router: ZTE home gateway Speedport Entry 2i

@daniel0220 Thank you! I've passed your parameters to dev team.

Hello 🙂
Myself and other modders have the problem that some files cannot be found with their own engine sound, such as. B. <EngineRev
They are only found if __1, __2 are not behind them (order)
and so on ...
Even if everything is properly linked
This only works if reference is made to the original game sounds.
Can you fix this, please?

An example :

In the Mod XML:

<EngineRev Sound = "int_loadstar_1700 / int_loadstar_1700_rev" />
<EngineAccel Sound = "int_loadstar_1700 / int_loadstar_1700_acc" />

the sound folder -> sounds-> int_loadstar_1700-> int_loadstar_1700_acc_1.wav & 2





they are not found

Game Log:

16: 53: 31.480 69.602 msg MR2 / LegacyLog Info, Sound | Could not find sound int_loadstar_1700 / int_loadstar_1700_rev.
16: 53: 31.480 69.602 msg MR2 / LegacyLog Info, Sound | Could not find sound int_loadstar_1700 / int_loadstar_1700_acc.

Thank you MFG LudmillaPower Sound Modder

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@ludmillapower87 Hello, thank you for report, we will take a loot at this problem