Are you sure you are fixing the game? Fixed in PTS 7.5

I remember these icons were fixed in PTS 7.2-7.3. How come it is broken again in PTS 7.4? Are you guys sure you are fixing the game, not breaking it worse?!

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.08.12 -

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Yes. I'm translating for myself. And after update I compare files what changed. I discovered removing existing rows. OMG why .... ???
Fortunately I can repair it.. ofcourse only for myself. I dont understand how they can damege something what was ok.. uhhh

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Also noted that both BA-20 armored cars appeared, though I did not look for them with metal detector yet. Looks like the same also happened with bomber parts. Now explain me, why at all do we need metal detector module in the game?

You can find it visually or use detector. On picture is approximately range radius. When I was finding part of wing with engine, I found it visually. After, I was testing range... becasuse I drived and scan arround lake close to coast. I didnt see it...
But you cant use crane for loading, before dont mark part with metal detector...
Excuse my English. I hope that is clear what I want write. Sorry.
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OK, if I restarted the contract, the armored cars disappeared as they should.
But I still can discover them only visually. And load them without discovering them with metal detector.

This is just a guess.
Programmer "M" did fix 7.3. Did it well.
Programmer "E" did fix 7.4. Also did everything well, but forgot to update my game to version 7.3 (and maybe to 7.2)

They are more likely just sending out different builds they have for the game and compiling all the bug fixes for the final build.