Xbox hardcore

Please increase the amount of logs to deliver, of give the option to increase to more like 8, 12, 16, 32.

I've never tried that so I am not sure it will work, but when you've completed all the goals of the map, you can chose to go back to the main menu, or to continue playing on the map. If you keep playing, maybe you can keep loading sawmills as much as you want?!

If you go into advanced mode there's a drop load function instead of unload at the mill. So you can play as long as you want without restarting. It's what I do anyways

But wouldn’t it be cool to be able to play all day delivering say 32 load or more and it actually count. Surely changing the amount or adding an option to change the amount wouldn’t be to difficult.

Agree! This option would be great!

Hey there,

I've passed this along to the dev team for them to look into.

Yay, this is something I’ve been saying for awhile. The ability to increase difficulty on maps. Increasing mill log requirements and maybe increasing fuel consumption. Seems like it could be a quick setup type deal before starting the map.

@iyagovos Great! Thx for such attention to the community!

@iyagovos Wow, you've passed along to devs the idea of implementing to the game such simple and small change half a year after topic has been created.. No wonder MR develops so terribly slowly 😛