I’m wrapping up my first playthrough, and I’m trying to make sure I’ve ticked off all the important boxes. I haven’t missed any audio logs, but as I’m looking through the spreadsheet I made from the IGN walk-through and the summary on Neoseekee, I’m noticing that I’m missing some implants, as well as having some that aren’t in the accounts on those pages.

Now, I know that they added some new implants, and the ones listed in the post I read about them are the ones I have that I couldn’t find in the other accounts. I have a question: did they drop these new implants in place of some of the existing ones, or did they put them in new places? If it’s the former, it might explain some of the ones I’m missing.

Also, as a follow up: any suggestions on a place I could find an up to date checklist to compare against my implant inventory?