Please see the screenshot. Happens on PC, todays PTS version, Fleetstar 2070A, offroad-gearbox after I stepped a bit on the throttle. No Keyboard script active, no "capslock" but the program thinks I have the shift key pressed down and its NOT giving me the option to shift with mouse. If I hit E or Q to engage AWD and Difflock - ignored, no way.


By the way, the engine is running, you have besides the AWD no hotkey highlighted to enable it. Engine off, engine on (B-key), AWD/DIFF key are back, see screenshot.


I step on the trottle, error with shift comes back and stays - is consistently there. I have no clue why.

No reboot, live version does NOT have this issue. So its likely not from my PC/Logitech G-Hub or whatever is running in the background.

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