PTS Update 12/08/2020

Hello Runners!

We've just published another PTS update with a bunch of fixes. Thanks for all your feedback!

Interior customization:

  • Correctly positioned bobbleheads for Khan L4of truck
  • Improved highlighting of stickers in Interior Customize menu


  • Fixed a bug when cars didn’t disappear from HUD list in trial “Lost in the Wilderness”
  • Fixed a bug when finished trials were not marked as completed in the trials menu
  • Added proper background images for trials in trials menu
  • Fixed a bug when trial rewards were granted on each trial completion

Other changes:

  • “Multiorder” contract on Michigan is now divided into 3 stages
  • Fixed disappearing change suspension button in the functions menu if user spammed it with mouse clicks
  • Moved to latest SDK, which improves mod download speed
  • Tweaked active suspension for TUZ 16 Actaeon
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nice... cant wait for the release...

Now there is black screen when press map button and game stuck. Maybe should proper check that everything works before run the update because now can not play the game. And please add in menu to hide crane legent / hub because when press hide legend keybord H button the unhide button in the G29 is one of the crane movement button. Also the the camera rotates like crazy when turn the crane. Before this did not rotate. Please play the game with the steering wheel and you can see the streering wheel buttons are mixed with the keybord buttons.

Don't waste your time guys... devs are in holiday... instead of proper live update they try to shut our mouth with a new pts small update for 6 or 7 little shit bugs... instead it seems they make the game unplayable again... damn... i said from the begining after they messed up with update 5.0 - this game will not be fixed this year!

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I've seen a few issues, one of which was corrected but now broken.

I am also experiencing the black screen but only in the Michigan region when trying to access the local map.


MAJOR ISSUE: OBVIOUSLY, code is leaking into base game, this is not the first time I've suspected this

BUT my saved game is exhibiting the black screen ~ I saw this today and immediately suspected that the game had been "UPDATED" and I see the PTS is 7.4.

Can we please get a fix for co-op members being kicked when jobs are completed/trials are completed/watch towers unlocked/ scan trailer finds objects etc... It's game breaking and needs to be the first thing that's fixed before anything else and has been for months now

Unplayable with a wheel.

Bug with the gas pedal pretending to be a shift key is still there.

idle, no action with any gas pedal - QE and change AWD and Difflock.


As soon as I touch the gas pedal:


If I HIT the shift key, I can get the QE active and select difflock/awd. in the current szenario I cant. Impossible to drive at least any truck without AUTO DIFF and AWD.

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I confirm this behavior and I feel like it has always been this way ?

On a PC, G27 with shifter and pedals.

However it has no impact because I assigned AWD and Difflock to buttons. Work fine on and off throttle that way.


Nope, hasnt been. That bug appeared one patch ago and IMHO for wheel users only.

But I try the workaround with assigning buttons directly to the wheel, currently I use "keyboard bindings" and make these by script / logitech profiler. The "move the wheel by a single digit and try to work with functions menu" bug is also still there. Which is hell of annoying.

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Hey @JTT which wheel are you using?

Thanks everyone for the reports, they've been passed on to the dev team.


Logitech Driving Force GT, "Individual Setup".

DXDIAG is too long for spoiler

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@Jone83 @CanuckRunner @gbeeTen and everyone with black screen, could you send us your save files to with the detailed explanation of the issue?
Folder we need located here: C:\Users*username*\Documents\My Games\SnowRunnerBeta\base\storage\

Thanks but there is still no improvement for ffb in this patch.

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Automatic reporting console sent three or four times already. Is that enough? Thanks.

Hey @JTT
This wheel is not officially supported at this time. Support for Logitech G29 and G920 for consoles is ongoing.

On PC, the currently supported wheels are Logitech G29, G27,G920, Thrustmaster T300.

@Jellyfoosh @YKmini

As you could see from the feedback, that bug happens with the G27 too. And thats considered as "officially supported".

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Still no disconnection update, very sad