In the PTS the controls on the steering wheel don't have sufficient debounce or delay on the d-pad to prevent recording multiple presses when using modifiers such the left paddle on the Logitech G29 on PC.

This has been happening since v7.0 came out so I suspect it might be related to the improvements to getting the wheel running. Perhaps these changes:

- Supported camera controls with the d-pad on Logitech G920/G29
- Improved Logitech FFB

The most common example of this that I come across is that when changing gears you press the left paddle and use the d-pad. If I release the paddle before the d-pad even a fraction of second earlier, the d-pad command is registered, so I keep ending up in the player profile (down on the d-pad) or in the function menu (up on the d-pad) after changing gears.

I haven't had this issue with prior versions and have finished all the non PTS content so have plenty of hours using the wheel and not coming across this before. (I have though noticed improvements to the wheel performance through each version which have been appreciated)

Hopefully this is simple fix of adding a delay when releasing the left paddle to not register a separate d-pad event.