I play Snowrunner a couple times a week for a few hours at a time. I've unlocked all the maps and garages as well as explored the majority of each map. I turned on my xbox to play again, found out that every vehicle that was left on the map after my last time playing was gone. Only those that were saved in the garage remained. Also the more recent maps I've explored and completed numerous tasks and levels are hidden under black like at the initial drive of each map. What's perplexing is that the game still recognizes that the tasks have been completed and garages found, they're just hidden from overview.

I initially assumed that some how my recent saves were lost and I was just set back several saves. But it has information that was from my last save, excluding map trucks and even some purchased trailers.
Please help, I dont have enough in-game money to purchase a single one.
I've tried all the normal on off, and hard shutdown troubleshooting. Checked internet connection, and even tried locating individual saved games. Cant find anything and nothing's working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I love this game and dont want to have to start from scratch after sooo many hours.

Xbox one S with a digital Snowrunner copy