I play for several hours once or twice a week. Unlocked all the maps and done many levels on each. The game recognizes that I've completed certain levels and opened garages, some that can only be unlocked through driving and finding them. I turned on the game to find my most recent unmasked territory blacked out on several maps, but completed tasks and levels that are currently hidden. I've lost all my big trucks that were last saved with them on the map. The vehicles that were stored in the garage are still there. I hope its data they can be retrieved. I dont have enough in game money to replace a single one.

Please help. I make sure to save before logging out and turning off the xbox after use. I'd think it loaded a previous save, deleting my most current data, but it has the maps and garages available that I found or opened during my last time playing the game.

I've tried turning the xbox on and off again, tried a hard shutdown by holding the power button, also tried locating individual previous saves so I could at least pick up with just 1 day missing. I've checked all maps and slots as well

Any help would be appreciated.
Xbox one s with a digital game copy