I have been testing Logitech G29 with SnowRunner since day 1 of release.
Here are the problems I faced in PTS 7.2 that have not been solved yet.

  • There is no wheel calibration. If such option existed, there would be no problem connecting 3rd party and DIY wheels to the game.
  • Preset setup does not demonstrate bottom mapping. It is just unacceptable as it is. Why a person should guess? Especially about combo controls.
  • Custom wheel setup is a separate unmapped setup. You cannot edit preset setup. You need to recreate the whole setup from scratch. And you still will have bugs, unable to map combo controls, or some controls in one section doubling another, mapped to completely different bottoms (UI Left/Right that I mapped to paddle shifters activate AWD and Diff.lock when they should only list menu left-right). To delete the entry you need to use Del bottom, but it is not documented anywhere.
  • You cannot press what is no hinted. That's why when you select show only wheel controls, it disables your keyboard controls completely. The same thing when you disable HUD, it disables most of your controls, including gear controls.
  • Because of very poor throttle control implementation, you will have constant engine stall without any reason. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/51747/engine-stops-without-any-reason-pts-7-2
  • There is no H-shifter support. If you map it to present fake gears, you will have a control conflict with mouse look and keyboard making your winch unresponsive. We need a proper manual gear support and no conflicts with keyboard. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/51768/winch-problem-pts-7-0
  • There is some bugs with collision (when changing the map), that may cause your wheel go crazy and probably even damage it physically. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/51704/logitech-g29-serious-ffb-issue-pst-7-0/3
  • Force feedback implementation is still very poor. Spring gain that centers your wheels while moving is very weak comparing to other forces and implemented with full strength at ones as you start moving, when it should increase gradually depending on the speed of the truck. Other forces are too strong. Especially static friction. That is unrealistic as it is.

Most of these bugs were reported since long ago (Day 1 or first major update v5.0 went on PTS), but have never been worked on.
Please fix these issues finally. There is a lot if work to be done for proper steering wheel support.

PC Build: https://asset.msi.com/pdf/main/us/nb/GL72 6QF-697.pdf
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (GHUB v2020.5.56350)
Mouse: A4Tech X7 X-710MK (X7 Oscar Editor v.12.08V17)
My steering wheel settings for SnowRunner: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/51704/logitech-g29-serious-ffb-issue-pst-7-0/8