Unable to deliver cargo unless mission is "tracked" (PC)

First screenshot without tracking, second after. Mission WAS activated before.

offering to pick up oil barrles, yeah. Thats why "I" have a big pipe for exactly that location on my trailer....


And now after tracking was started - with the proper delivery dialog after entering the delivery zone. As expected previously....

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Noticed the same. It is new bug for PTS 7.2

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Wasn't it always like this. If you're not tracking the job, the games loading site doesn't know what you're intentions are.

@idiocracy No, it was not like this. Before all deliveries for the site were in the unload list, even if they belong to different tasks.
There were some stage by stage tasks, when one delivery activated another. But it is a different story.
Unfortunately now you have to truck the task just to deliver something. It is a big step back and very uncomfortable.