Possible allow us to rebuild the wooden bridge to gain access to the Imandea gateway?

If you guys are going to let us rebuild the metal bridge then just let us rebuild the wooden bridge as well. Also is possible to rework the deep snow near Imandara gateway instead of taking the broken ice it would be nice to have a alternative. @Jellyfoosh @esorokin

Here's how I did it the second/third time I started Imandra - 2 short winched Taygas (good because permanent AWD and diff-lock in winched mode):


So no deep snow interested. If the front truck was stuck in deep snow, the rear one pushed because it was not yet in deep snow. When the rear truck was in deep snow, the front truck was outside again and could pull (it's like a 12x12 👍).

That was the cargo from Lake Kovd to open the garage in Imandra. After that you no longer needed to go through the portal and deep snow.

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i use azov 6431 to open garage, you can get wood and metal @imandra, there is trailer store near garage too