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I would like to save, I love SpinTires, and I hope I shall love Spintires even more!

Yeah, i also hope that Mudrunner will be that game some other publisher was just talking about.

FunFact: At the Artwork picture the driver is on the wrong side and the steering linkage is broken. The Maz has a horrible toe out 🕶

Not to sound pessimistic but I'm getting flashbacks when you say that questions will be "sent off to the devs." I'm glad Pavel is the leader of a developer team now instead of the sole developer, so our questions will actually be answered and features will actually be released (by the other devs).

And on a more positive note I'm really happy Spintires is back! I wonder how many others will return from the Oovee forums? The Mod Converter is an especially unexpected surprise.


Oh wow I look stupid. I had two tabs open and thought I was replying to the FAQ thread.