PTS Update 31/07/2020

Hello Runners!

It's been busy this week! Work on Patch 7 is moving along nicely and we've just released another update on the PTS with a number of fixes. Thanks again for all your feedback. Keep it coming! 🙂

Just a reminder: You can't move your PTS save file over to your live branch profile. Vice versa is fine though!


  • Fixed addons clipping for Tuz 108 Warthog
  • Fixed snorkel for Azov Antarctic
  • Repair crates on Khan Marshall are now properly removed when used
  • Kolob 74941 - fixed rpm arrow and sun visor clipping
  • Small tweaks for Freightliner m916a1 steering
  • Fixed AWD model for WS 6900 TwinSteer


  • Fixed a bug when the truck did not behave properly on garage exit in custom scenarios
  • Garage interior is now properly rendered in custom scenarios


  • FIxed load markers on the minimap
  • Added separate metal detector icon for objective description section


  • Fixed a bug with one of the containers missing in the "Containers in the river" task
  • Fixed a bug when recover in “Lost in the wilderness” trial did not fill roof rack of the players truck

Interior Customization:

  • Bobbleheads are now available for Tuz 108 Warthog


  • Fixed a bug when the host was unable to access truck that was taken by the client that’s left session while transitioning to another map
  • Network connection fixes for players that are playing in the same network


  • Disabled player profile in polygon and trials
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Thanks, lets see how the M916 works now.


And it would be helpful, if you "unpin" older patch notes. Otherwise the first page will be soon pretty pointless 😉

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Has the snorkel for the Royal BM17 ever been fixed? Forgive me if it has, I haven't read every single patch note to this day, but I have read a lot and don't remember seeing it anywhere yet.

@Jellyfoosh said in PTS Update 31/07/2020:

Interior Customization:

how does it works... where is the place for custom it?

  • Small tweaks for Freightliner m916a1 steering

Thank you for fixing this! Can you please also give it some more fuel?

@Jellyfoosh @esorokin

What ever happened too?

@Jellyfoosh said in PTS Patch Notes 24/07:

  • Note that for future game editor updates we will include a separate changelog file for our modding community

This update contains a fix for a bug in the editor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which isnt listed.

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@1nsane if your talking about fix for errors upon importing from 6 to 7 - it was a last minute fix that we were unable to verify, and we usually do not list fixes that we don't have a confirmation from QA for

@esorokin said in PTS Update 31/07/2020:

@1nsane if your talking about fix for errors upon importing from 6 to 7 - it was a last minute fix that we were unable to verify, and we usually do not list fixes that we don't have a confirmation from QA for

Ok, thanks for the clarification

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@esorokin Just a thought, but when people create topics about bugs, suggestions, issues that are useful to you. People have no way of knowing that. Would it be possible for you to change the topic of a thread and add ie: [Noted] to the end, just to let people know that the content of this topic is being looked into?

As an example i reported a problem with the skybox on lake kovd here:
I have no way of knowing if anyone actually took note of that, all i can do is keep bumping the thread for every update it's still present, which might be a waste of time if you guys already have that on a look into/discuss/todo/not fixable or however many lists you have.

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@Jellyfoosh that’s great and all but why is the issue with the Ford 750 barely being usable, not being talked about or addressed with fixes..

J'ai un problème en customisant un véhicule, j'obtiens une page noire et je suis bloqué

What needs fixing before anything else is, players getting kicked when someone activates a watch tower or delivers parts for a job.
This has been happening since release and it needs to be the very next thing fixed.
Also when doing the "star in the sky" mission, my friend delivered the first part, which was the main body of the plane, it kicked everyone but the host, also it registered that the part was delivered, but the part stayed behind. Then the next part to be delivered, the wind without engine, vanished... meaning I had to start the entire job from scratch.. That's a 5 hour job..
Please, make these fixes before even looking at anything else as they are game breaking and make playing multiplayer impossible

When i try custom my trucks, i got only black screen.jpg

It looks like a new game update in the Public Test Server made it impossible to customize all trucks from mods.

@witt44 Yeah the subforum is exploded with people bringing it up. Makes it impossible to work on stuff outside of the main game.

thrustmaster shifter th8a anytime would be appreciated......

Customize for vannila truck is broken. If i select customize, i am getting a black screen and i cant go back. Using esc of button on my controller.
Can you look in to this. Tanks

Yeah i've got the same black screen issue when i want to customize trucks in the garage. Before the last update everything work fine. I try to load an old backup save, but it didnt work. I tired different garage/regions.. nothing still get black screen. Then reinstall only the PTS version but same not working. Then i notice not all of trucks get black screen. ANK is fine.. Maybe the next update will fix it 😀 Btw missions and task works fine.