Game of the Year EDITIOn

so does that mean that when it comes out itll include all the DLCies including "VALLEY", "upcoming one" and also USA dlc? and probably will cost more than original game price because usa dlc will be paid dlc

or how does that work or what does it mean

also will switch version be game of they year ED and will it be also same cost?

educate me mudrunner gods!

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Who says the USA DLC will be paid?

@mexican_420 it will of course come one whats the point GOTY then?

So you won't have to download the DLC separately...

Hi there,

We'll have more information on these things as the year goes on, but we're not quite ready to talk about them right now.

@iyagovos as year goes by😨😱

You're serious, one year, say at least 2 or 3 months😵😳😫😖

Put some new vehicles to consoles before this happens, at least so that the game does not die for console players

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Yeah sure, they will just magically conjure new content now that you've asked for it. 😃