Cannot access TAYMYR on PTS.

I do not have retained vehicles, they are scattered all over the maps ~ I've run out of money for buying new vehicles for the Imandra Map ~ my best and most expensive trucks are somewhere in Taymyr.

I have full access on ver 6.1 full release game.

Can you make a video or explain more at what point you are unable to switch to a truck in Taymir?
Wich part of the ui doesn't work for you?

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First try to verify your game file inegrity through epic game launcher.

If you have mod installed, disable them then test again.

Your savegame is coming from wich version of the game Live version or was created on Pts version if so from wich iteration it is coming from (5.0 6.1 etc)?


Verified twice, removed all mods ~ mods do not load for me on the test server ~ but they try any mods from my base game do try to load, even new mods after I started the new map. So the accounts are linked, but I suspect they should not.

I have one saved game version from the release of the PTS and the Rift, all else was created on the PTS, from Ver 5.1 / 5.3 I suspect. No new attempt has been made to save or actually even add mods ~ they just don't load anyway.

Mods however, may well be the root cause as I've already discovered ~ two of my mod trucks I could not drive on my base game, giving me the black screen and had to nuke a hung SN with CP.

I had driven these mods earlier ~ so there may be a delay in response from the time they updated them and I could see them being updated on the mod loading screen ~ so very nice I thought and drove both mods. So hey!

So I'm going to plan to wait for the release and then make a new save for the PTS.