*Copy-Paste intensifies* <PTS 7.1> (still present in 8.0)

Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.27 - When it comes to stuff like garages and loading zones I'm okay with reusing them since they are more of a "function over form" kinda thing, but copy-pasting an entire village for the second time... Village is supposted to be more of a landmark and it shouldn't give you "I've been there before" feeling when exploring a new map for the first time...

Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.25 -
Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.25 -
Come on...

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Unfortunately whole areas are copy/paste... seems its more easy for the devs to do like that, showing us they pretty much in hurry as they are already late with everything... but this idea of 'new content' fr9m them kinda sucks...fass...

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Still the same in PTS 7.3

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.04 -

No change in PTS 7.4

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.12 -

Congratulation you discovered the marvel how an old civilisation could possibly build those megaliths: copy and paste!

It apears that the map will be released like that. Let's hope upcoming maps will have less obvious copy-paste.