Weather Hazards

I think that some additional environmental hazards should be added to the game, such as rain, snow, fog, etc. It would be great to see thunder during the night or have visibility limited due to fog. Is this something that can be added?

If this is the case, game support wiper function is required😋

@gus-skywatcher I'd love to see rain and snow too, but as food for thought, how far would they need to go? Of course the moment that it is implemented, we would all want realistic associated physics effects and/or realistic comparative to the effects on the same maps in other conditions, and I could see this being a lot of additional work, and potential computation requirement, depending on how the mud physics is implemented.

I'd actually be fine with it for just the atmosphere, with basic tweaks / modifiers to the physics as is. Of course for the next generation of MudRunner 2 or USA, the physics engine could be evolved to include.