Workshop nerfed after update

Can anyone who has NOT installed this morning's hotfix verify whether they can still see Steam Workshop content?

There was a hotfix things morning?

yes, i got the hotfix and the workshop is not showing up for me and the people i have talked to. subscribed mods are still there in your subscribed items list, but the workshop on it's own is not showing. could it be that part of the hotfix (no name mods) has caused this issue? this is an interesting occurrence.

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So what you guys are saying is the term hot"fix" is used very loosely here....

I don't think the update to the game and the Workshop issue have any connection since this issue is affecting all Workshops and not just the Spintires: MudRunner Workshop.

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Confirmed, same with CMS2018 and Skyrim.

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@joridiculous @PicSoul well i was just making a guess about a connection. after all it was pretty coincidental both seemed to happen at the same time (to me anyway).

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I can see the workshop, but i can not get the game to come all the way on.. it just keeps on showing "Loading..Loading" HOWEVER = i was going NUTS when i turned on and ANOTHER download kicked in(hot fix?).. Any type of download/update/DLC/hotfix always wipes everything out! and i spend a session or two getting up to a respectable point close to , where i was before the download... i'm REALLY GETTING SICK OF THIS ..
they won't give us maps in the workshop, so to expand the enjoyment of the game, i DL maps from 3rd party sources.
Also, Focus/Steam doesn't support the editor, so we use custom models and such. only to have them wiped out.
personally i could give a shit about 3 new trucks and a map(DLC). You mappers out there put out better maps in my opinion. Does Focus not test their bright ideas on real world-player setups?? It seems that they can't even get up to modern standards and offer a 64 bit version.
I Love this game, the community, and the overall premise of being involved with the evolution of the game with the awesome modders and mappers dedication. Focus PLEASE stop wiping out my enjoyment everytime you "make it better"... Rufus

ps: sorry to rant on.

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