Ground texture error when resetting the trial PTS7.1

Rutting texture error,100% occurrence rate.
Also, can you guys finish it in 9 minutes? I tried many times but only half of the goal was achieved.

Confirmed. I have the same ground texture bug.
As for the time, I was very close, but get upset near the point next to the bridge (2nd before last). 9 min you can make no mistakes. Again I do not think any of the developer or tester actually tried to pass it during the time. Too bad.

The brakes of this game require half a second to respond, 9 minutes was too harsh. I increased the friction of the all-terrain tire 0.2 and passed it as a cheating method,even so, it took 3 hours.

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@Tigron can't say that i'm pleased to hear these accusations 🙂 our current studio record is 8:23m this trial is meant to be hard

@esorokin Sorry that my words bothered you. I will try harder. As I mention I was very close.
But texture bug still there. Please take a look at it. Thank you!

The section of the tower requires luck,and strong luck can directly save 1 minute.


"Our current studio record is 8:23m..."


Shots fired lol

Holes still apear in 7.3