Please cancel the crane attachment of TUZ108! PTS7.0

The TUZ16's crane is too close to the rear wheel and does not have enough length to support the work of the crane. It can simply be a light truck! No crane required! Can't we have a TUZ108 with a normal wheelbase?
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Why not just turn the other way around and lift over the cab? Or avoid trying to lift a hummer and stick to cargo?
I'm sure it has its uses, if you understand the limitations.

Lifting the cargo has no problems. Tested it today with 7.1. Hummer H2 is a very heavy truck for its size and you are using a very weak crane for it. Try lifting something like Don or Tuz 166.

its funny, the F750 needs a shorter frame and the TUZ16 needs a longer frame.

@Tigron Can barely works, but the center of gravity is unstable, the weakest in the game.The cab of the two-row seat squeezed it too far behind.

It works great as counterweight for doing wheelies