Active Suspension Description

I was reading the description for the 'Active Suspension' option and its confusing. I'm not sure if this is due to translation but it doesn't make sense, see below.

Current description - "Active suspension minimizes body tilt by regulating its height in motion and when moving across obstacles"

Intended description? - "Active suspension minimizes body tilt by regulating its height and motion when moving across obstacles"



Yes, we've already updated localization for it

and that does it mean?
and any real life examples please?

Most modern cars? Even the old Vauxhall Vectra C in OPC configuration 15 years ago had something like this.

Offroad? One of the first papers I found:

But please, fix some suspensions of vehicles already in the game. Like the Zikz. Its more a powerball rather than a dampener... The M916 is not that much better. Happily hopping around.

Maybe you get that Upgrade sponsored by "Oehlins" 😉

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wow, vouxhall and mdx also has it, but knowing me, you know what im asking - real life examples on commercial/military trucks...

not any GAZ had it, so lets wait for response from devs about prototype they took

I said its a paper. And the army is working on it - see or

My more urgent wish is to install some DAMPENERS in some trucks. Go to Quarry, the "wood reinforced road near the service station" and drive a Zikz or M916. You get seasick if you have a tall trailer and use 3rd person view, the suspension is really shit and makes with a high center of gravity and a narrow track your "life pretty soon very interesting" ....

And I dont ask why a "russian truck" got it.

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@esorokin said in [Active Suspension Description]

Yes, we've already updated localization for it

So the active suspension is just regular suspension, but you can manualy switch between two height settings at any time, right? Initial decscription made it sound like it's going to automaticaly do some sorcery as you drive.

@Stazco The moment I saw it I started wondering, if that kind of active suspension exists in real life or not. I mean if the truck is equipped with an air suspension, then you can adjust the height of it, of course, modern lorry's are all adjustable on the axles that are equipped with an air suspension.

But old Russian and American trucks running coil spring, or leaf spring suspensions, I don't see how those could ever be adjustable....

@JTT or try the kodiak with loaded bed