Thoughts on fuel consumption in hardcore


Fuel consumption in hardcore is a bit too high.

A medium sized helicopter (max takeoff weight of 7.8T) running 2 engines powered at 1775 hp each, has a specific consumption of around 55 L/min at maximum continuous power.

I know E class trucks are big and with old engines that are far from efficient, but reaching 70 L/min is a bit too much... One jet engine from a Boeing 737 uses less fuel than that during takeoff...

In some mod maps, it is really annoying to use fuel so quickly. You cannot cross once the map without refueling...

However I have to admit, technically you are (probably, i haven't checked) correct, I like current state of things.
It force me to plan, keep some supply trucks nearby route, it literally adds gameplay. If the E-class will be capable to cross map 3 times per tank, what is the point of using anything else?
I see this level of inacurracy good for gameplay.
(BTW, have you spot, that whole (almost) fuel cistern from B-131 fits in a tank(s?) of E-7310? 😂)

@sodoma said in Thoughts on fuel consumption in hardcore:

If the E-class will be capable to cross map 3 times per tank, what is the point of using anything else?

Bigger maps are needed.
Besides, a new Realistic game mode should be added in which there would be no simplifications or any unrealistic and artificially obtained difficulties.

In the current format of the game consumption and game mechanics isn't a simulation of reality.
The weird mud, the trees and rocks/boulders will block event he mighty 30tonnes 8x8 monsters,
For example the 535/537 maz has a range of 600km IRL, while n the game it can go only a few km

In this game everything is made to add to the difficulty of traversing the environment, nothing else.

@knight25 @Mr-T

  1. I agree
  2. we are speaking about entirely new game now

Yea I guess it is made to make the game more challenging.
Still, when you spend your time in a refueling truck, running after your logging truck, it's a bit frustrating. In some mod maps, I play in easy mode just because of fuel. And I still need to refuel...

Bigger maps are not needed. Speed and fuel consumption are scaled for current map sizes. If you want real life consumption/speed then you need real life map size... In my opinion everything is fine as it is, even more if you take in account that bigger maps need more effort to make and add nothing but "empty" space.

2. Slightly different name, but essentially the same game. But lets not ponder on the subject. It's been debated and i will just sound like a broken record repeating the things.
I just want to keep an objective and fair view for the new users.
I will end with hope for the future that the game will see the long awaited development reaching out of the sandbox alpha persisting state of Spintires.

I think I wasn't clear enough:
2) with this level of requested changes, we need entirely new game

Me personally i don't think the trucks use enough fuel... did multi player last night on downhill just using the uaz...

Thought right ill take fuel semi trailer as these trucks are gonna tan fuel going all this distance, i got there easily. I could have take the cistern instead and then took a log trailer on back...

Granted still took us 3 hrs to fully complete the map but think we only used half the trailers load of fuel and that was been generous topping fuel up at half tank etc.

I see people forgetting that it is a game in a first place, which implies that it always will have certain conditions and breaks from reality.

If you wanna to have realistic ranges or consumtion to capacity ratios, so what's the point of fuel would be in the first place?
In MudRunner vehicles may consume a lot, but that's where the fun aspect of game kicks in - the logistics. And for example you have to chose how you spend your fuel - that long S route on few drops of gas with DL and AWD disengaged or be stubborn and try to detour through river bank or woods ("Crossing" map).

There's a lot of possibilities to manage your juices, just keep an eye on how your truck perform and try to play on maximum traction, not the maximum power.

My rule of thumb: if you need to drag around fuel tank or have to detour for fuel station/garage more than one cloak's reach - somewhere you doing it wrong and have to try different routes/truck setups.

@mr-t said in Thoughts on fuel consumption in hardcore:

In this game everything is made to add to the difficulty of traversing the environment, nothing else.

exactly. basicly this is a deformable terrain sim/game if anything. the vehicles and game play are there to experience it really.