Exiting from game takes three times longer in 7.0 than 6.0 (PC)

Currently in 7.0 PTS, it takes me 3x longer to get back to my desktop than it does in the 6.0 main release. Also there is a lot of tidying up to do with many name markers still in placeholder mode (RU_Wood_03_02 for example). I understand it's only the first iteration of 7.0 with lots of changes coming. Just point out a few quick and obvious things.

I have also noticed this.

Take a look in the savefolder.
There is a directory (don't know the name) where are hundrets of files (very much for each day). In my case, the summary of this folder is nearly 2 GB.

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@Fratzegeballer I took a look and found a folder called "storage" which seemed to have a lot of the save file information. I compared the size between the PTS and the live version. Live was 1gb, PTS was only 24mb. So, that isn't the issue.

I've also noticed that when I go back to my desktop, my resolution is all wonky for a minute, then the screen goes black and it resets itself. I have my Win10 desktop set to 4k, but play games in 1080p. When I come out of Snowrunner, it gets confused and certain items on my desktop (like my network speed monitor) are huge. Then the screen goes black and it resets back to 4k. This does not happen with the live version of the game, which tells me somewhere in there, they most likely did another graphics optimization update of some sort (which is not listed in the patch notes, yet again).

Saber team, this is a great game and I love how hard you all are working to improve it, but seriously, the patch notes need to include ALL the changes that are made, not just the ones you think are important. It doesnt matter if it's something as insignificant as "A butterfly in Black River now flies right instead of left". Full transparency is a very good thing to have and saves everyone on the team the hassle of trying to damage control when players discover something isnt the same as it was (like the steering control fiasco).

I just thought that maybe this directory has something to do with what is saved, what takes longer, when the game is exited. As I said, I don't know what it's called, but I can look it up later. This folder (it's not the "storage" folder) doesn't exist on the 6.x version as far as I've seen. It was just an idea.

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@Fratzegeballer I found it. It's called Media. Mine is 594mb The contents of it look more like they would go with the level editor rather than the main game. Subfolders saying icons, levels, and prebuild. Inside the levels and prebuild folders are additional folders referencing a "level_firstmap" which is the naming scheme for add-on/mod levels.

I just looked too.
The folder I have, is a "ssl_crash_dump"... inthere are 1.000 files with almost 1,8GB... but this still have nothing to do with leaving the game. Was just a temporary directory ... just didn't know the name before.

Todays PTS update corrected the issue, whatever it was. Patch notes do not list anything about it, but it's fixed now.