WS6900 steering angle

I don't know much about truck design,however, for the two steering shafts of the 6900, the steering angle of the second shaft is greater than that of the first shaft. Is this a bug or is there any special reason? In most cases, the steering angle of the first axis of the multi-steering axis is the largest.

This is a bug that has been reported since launch.
Small bug but still not fixed

@blackjack00 Yeah, just swap the angles on your end. It's a typo that takes a few seconds to fix. I don't understand why Saber doesn't fix this. It's the easiest fix in the world, yet the bug is quite significant and obvious.

Unfortunately you'll have to redo your change every time Saber posts another update with this broken.

@blackjack00 @ZeesuS Im my experience/knowledge, when having two turning axle the rear axle Dose NEED to turn sharper than the leading axle. You practically have two circles created by the axles when turning (turning circle) the following axle has to traverse a smaller circle than the leading resulting in a steeper angel by the second.

So yes there is a reason for it. 🙂

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That should answear to @r0g4n that you are wrong.
The leading axle always needs to turn more than following.

In the PTS Update 28/07/2020 the mentioned having improved the steering angle for the twinsteer. Did that fix the problem? I don't have a PC and I'm curious.