...I've just now realized I have mouse cursor disable for my screenshots... 🤦🏻♂
I assure you they are NOT where the purple brush is (or was) when I took the images. One image included is of a rock selected to show what axis is which, in relation to the rest of the map. The brush shown seems to be locked to the middle or zero point. Also somehow seems to vary with my zoom level. Scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom in might have the brush snapped to the zero coord, then out sets it where the mouse cursor actually is, then zooming out again snaps it back to the zero coordinate. Sliding along the red X axis (same direction as gravel road and river edge).

2020-07-26 11_20_59-Greenshot.jpg
2020-07-26 11_21_24-Greenshot.jpg 2020-07-26 11_22_06-Greenshot.jpg 2020-07-26 11_23_50-Greenshot.jpg 2020-07-26 11_30_17-Greenshot.jpg 2020-07-26 11_31_33-Greenshot.jpg 2020-07-26 12_07_22-Greenshot.jpg