Seriously I'm skipping a long explanation with hours and hours of looking into it just to explain what I think was the problem with my map not opening in the editor. I had a backup that had a lot of work put into it so I dug through and through to find that sometimes the editor saves the scale for some rocks (maybe other models?) with separate X Y Z data instead of just one value. The value for models often forces a change to a float value say from 5 to 4.9998 or something. But this occurrence is different.

2020-07-26 13_33_35-_Model_rocksFIX.xml - Notepad.jpg 2020-07-26 13_27_06-Model_rocks.xml - Notepad.jpg

I went through the "corrupted" xml from my backups (that would crash the editor upon trying to load) and changed the instances of separate XYZ values to one singular value and saved my level. This all happened to me only with rocks and they were all in the same group. I think the only rocks that were affected were some instances of rock_05 and rock_06.

I tried a number of things to fix the map level not loading and it wasn't until I fixed these values that it loaded.