Reward for solving "A Star in the Sky" and the contract itself

I don't know if that is intentional, but as a reward for the contract "A Star in the Sky" you get a dachshund. This Dachshund is unlocked right from the start.


To the contract itself:
Finding one away with the broad trailer is a tricky thing. Then figuring out the way back to the airport with even wider freight is a challenge ... after all, you always try to drive a short way ... you want to save fuel. 😉

Even if there are trailers with fuel on this map, fuel is scarce here and there. I myself find this contract very good. In the end I had 5 or 6 trucks in the area. Which of course is due to ignorance, what is now all needed. I look forward to grinding my teeth the next time this map goes live.

What interests me now is how you others have solved this task?
What truck did you take, which way, which problems did you have?

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I would like to know what route did you take to get your p12 in that map because deep snow has been a pain to get through had to stop and take a break.