A Star in the Sky

I took the large trailer to the lake, scanned the area, recovered the parts with more or less force, but I cannot attach them to the trailer now. What am I missing?
A Star in the Sky.jpg

Now it went.
The parts were too far back on the bed.

A Star in the Sky 2.jpg

Same issue here - on XBox One...any ideas?

You have to put the part lengthwise on the trailer (with a crane). Then it works just fine.

I've done this contract now five times... but only with a smal crane.
The main body part placed (like shown at the screenshot) at the trailer will work fine.
The wing part with engine is the one with the most problems for me (maybe cause the small crane!!!) to fix it at the trailer.
The little wing part I always drive with a flatbed to the airfield (Voron Grad - looked/holded by the crane) there I put it on the trailer to deliver it 😉

Done this mission 5-6 times now and had ZERO issues with putting the items on the trailer. Just have to place them in the correct spot...

if any part is up on the front step deck it wont pack cargo . probably same for rear and 1 part at a time