A while ago i have noticed that these "death animations" have been removed. What i mean by that is when you used to shoot someone in the chest or legs. Not the head or an important organ. They would grovel in pain and roll around on the . Or say if they get hit buy a molotov or thermite, they would scream and roll around trying to put out the flames as there flesh burns. I always liked that, you would be able to 2 tap them as to say "put them out of there misery". I really loved this mechanic and for the love of this great game i hope it's a bug or a mishap someone made as to why it's not here anymore. Because if you guy's have removed it I can say now not only me, but ALOT of people would be very upset. But It is your game and i guess i don't have a say, but if you have removed it. Just have a second thought. Please.

P.S Now when you shoot someone they just drop dead, which i don't like. Unless its a headshot, which makes sense. Now there equipment and vests jiggle when there on the ground. Its weird. I'm realising this is WAY too long and i apoligise, have a good day. And please see to this issue.

Cheers, Trey.