Deathcam setting

I have disabled the option for death cams which means I do not see a death cam when I die. Does that then mean that other players who I kill are still able to see me after they die?

That is the general question, given the hardcore nature of the game I'd prefer no death cams to promote realism but if they are going to be around I would like to know so I can combat it.

@Novemburr What game mode are you talking about in specific? Because I don’t see any kill cam after I die..? Though I am glad for that. But I only play Push Versus and FireFight Versus... but no kill cam on my screen (thankfully). Once again why must they try soo damn hard to soften the shit out of a game that once was a quite “lethal” and as you said “hardcore” game.

@Novemburr Yes if you disable the deathcam it's only disabled for you. That means if you kill someone and he has deathcam on, he will still see the deathcam no matter if you have it on or not.
But to defuse it a bit. The deathcam will only zoom out of his body to around chest level and then point in the direction where he got killed from. It will not give him Xray on you like in battlefield or even follow you.
Still, I'm not a fan of the deathcam and I would remove it from the game if I could.