[Bug Report]
Beltfed machinegun magazines do not refill unless completely empty when using the "tap" resupply option.

  • Includes all beltfed guns (M240, M249, MG3 and PKM)
  • Includes all standard belt mags, as well as the extended versions for the MG3 and M240.
  • Includes both factions.
  • So far only tested this in co-op and Testrange.
  • Not a visual / UI bug, as attempting to resupply, swapping mags and firing will prove.
  • 100% repeatable for a few months now (Baffled why no one else has posted anything about this)

The workaround for this has been to either do a full resupply, or completely empty the mag as empty mags refill as intended.
However, unlike when other guns experience this bug (which is far more rare) you cannot do the quick-reload to dispose magazines for a beltfed gun.