Mission Bug "Fallen Antenna" (Island Lake)


Description says "Crane Truck recommended". I took a vehicle with a crane and as I arrived at pickup location, its a standard loading zone. Either fix the description or put a container nearby, so that getting a truck with a crane to location was at least worth the trip 😉

From memory, one can drive a truck with crane "North" from the Fallen Antenna to the drilling site and there is a container there to lift and bring down the road a wee bit to the Fallen Antenna ~ THAT then becomes a Container Location where one can take containers from.

So, yes, that still sounds like a bug, doesn't it? 🙂

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Thats a bug since release. They never fix it.

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So they take bugfixing "seriously". Good to know.

If you don't actually need a crane and it's a bug in game then I can add a note to that task on maprunner so it'll say you don't "need" a crane even though the in game task recommends it.

You dont need any crane!