Moments in the Mud

@justinlynch3 mudrunner physics at its finest XD

wow so i have had a look at some of the screenshots here and holy crap do they look good. im gonna have to work out how to mod my game so it looks so good. and so much work has gone into some of these modded vehicles simply amazing stuff.

One almost finished piece...
Every single one was placed with love and passion 🙂
0_1552257118587_20190310231943_1.jpg 0_1552257121747_20190310231958_1.jpg

@sodoma i am curious if that is a soft edge along the trail there. 🤔 lol 😉

@8up-local Not yet, but will be. Softening is later on schedule...

@sodoma Map looks amazing sir! Got some great immersive environments there!

@alpscruiser said in Moments in the Mud:

Attachting the Trailer

What mod is this? The trailer looks awesome!

@8up-local Thanks mate!

@kingpinn and @8up-local
Yes it´s the Zetor Pack but the trailer comes from the Zil 157 Mod

@alpscruiser awesome dude! that trailer is pretty cool!

@kingpinn But i guess in the newest version of the Zil doesn´t have the trailer.

But you need anyway to tweak both MODs that the trailer can attach to the Zetor.

“Yaly-Paly or Yo-mine”
na da wollen wir mal sehen ob wir der map gewachsen sind.
Sam hat sich seine brüder mit ihren trucks zur unterstüzung geholt
“Yaly-Paly or Yo-mine”
Well, let's see if we have grown to the map.
Sam has brought his brothers with their trucks to support

been saving up a few pics, so i figured i'd post some..... reminds me i still need to remove the ingame filters again...🤔

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

am diggin' the artsy vibe with this last one.... 😘

alt text

some point will have to check out this mod cam stuff lol

@8up-local Those filters are not all bad, but being able to manage them INGAME... You see my point...

@sodoma they are the stock ingame filters in the i usually just remove them (env_camera_bokeh/env_film_grain_uncom...etc) also have been playing with them as well, but have not found any adjustments i like. i do see your point. it would be nice to have better control over those filters ingame, than editing my game files i will agree.

I love the K10 from @Forces
It fit´s so well in the American Wilds maps.







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