Moments in the Mud

I love this game0_1543076365686_20181124163019_1.jpg
and i love my us Trucks
BISON has new shoes necessary
a whole lot of wood0_1543076810641_20180913171343_1.jpg
a lot of wood.
There it needs a strong truck for transport

maybe one of the moderator will be nice enough to combine the 2 threads? if people want them combined that is, idk.

@alpscruiser @RoughRider i have posted logging and trails in the other thread. it does seem a bit heavy towards logging, but anything goes. lol i like pics, so maybe tonight i can get some seat time and get a few new pics to post here as well. 🤔

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I believe it should be in off topic section instead of gen disc because its not a discussion topic, just a showcase. And if you need a DISCUSSION- its hard to do it if your topic is always in the bottom or second page because some active showcasing topics are bumped each minute.
But in this case - not very active forum - its ok to have it here, for sure after melting with the first one.

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I've got a really heavy load of wood. I've attached the trailer of the Hayse to the bison


he is doing really well

Unusual offroading with unusual Tatras 8x8 🙂
Youtube Video

Poor ukraine (
I hate to pay taxes here in russia!

@sodoma its fascinating how that creature still is working and serving people of ukraine XD

New Forwarder and Loader tested









just a bit off topic, but found this roaming the web. you ST long timers should recognize this image. 🤔 lol

E-bay Ural shirt

alt text

Here's another from today. Some serious logging here:


making this a sticky would do the trick for this thread imo.

now to get back on topic.....

just a few random pics. 😉
alt text

alt text

alt text

a couple from my desktops...

alt text

alt text

Damn man.
The last shot is sick

@alpscruiser thanks feller, i like to try and get decent desktop screens. that one does happen to be one of my favs though, in fact it is my desktop atm. lol

this one will be next when i change it up.
alt text

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wow, this shot is even better. keep it up!

On a one hand, there are people complaining about poor graphics, on the other hand, there are people turning ingame screenshots into desktop wallpapers...
World is amazing place... 😃

Map with a pretty challenging start, many nice details and also a train.
Highly recomended to try...
Link here:

@Sodoma i wouldn't say it looks poor, but it could look way better with a "current age" overhaul...

as long as it's not moving, it still looks nice, but the super close LOD change, the draw distance, the DX9 lighting etc. make it look really outdated when playing/moving

@sodoma could we maybe merge this thread and Moments in the mud thread and make it a sticky? that is if others are in agreement. General Discussion would be nice, but where ever you think best if it is done. 🤔

@Alpscruiser @RoughRider