Moments in the Mud

@alpscruiser nice shots.

however a little off topic. that Olds in your siggy link. very nice and i dig it. 😎 πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸ‘πŸ½

@8up-local thanks man.

nice that you like it πŸ˜‰
restoration took 7 and a half years

@alpscruiser I prefer the Nix 909 versions, like the one below. But I agree these trucks fit very nicely with AW.


@unster unreleased WIP, hopefully will be available soon. Nix's logging truck. lol

alt text

btw, shame you have not gotten that lumber loaded. just ribbin' πŸ˜‰ lol

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@8up-local Nice, looking forward to it. I believe in my screenshot I was carrying an incomplete load or just some extra logs to fill another truck. I don't quite remember. I don't drive around unpacked just to make it easier. If I drive unpacked it's because I'm carrying extra logs as a double or triple load or just a few logs to complete another load which I then pack.

BTW, here's some old school for ya from today.
1_1553144872520_1954_Ford_2.jpg 0_1553144872520_1954_Ford.jpg

@unster said in Moments in the Mud:

@alpscruiser I prefer the Nix 909 versions, like the one below. But I agree these trucks fit very nicely with AW.

Nix Trucks are also very detailed and very high quality. I also drove them.
But iΒ΄m more the original guy. I donΒ΄t like lifted trucks or Rockcrawler.
I play Mudrunner as a logging game not for rock crawling or mudding in redneck style.

I really like the K10 from @Forces because it has very nice ideas in it, so much good Addons and made with love to detail.

well after using both their stuff over the years, i can say they both do awesome work. however even if a person is considered the best, i always feel they can do better. in this i mean they can always learn and advance their skills more. which is always a good thing.

der olds is eine wucht,sorry fΓΌrs off topic

@alpscruiser What do you think of the AW K5? That one is not lifted and it has what I believe are the original wheels. I like that one too, though Nix's trucks obviously have more visual detail, especially the interior. I can only wish the MR dev team put that much effort into interiors. The only thing I don't like about Nix's trucks, and this is a common issue with many modders, is that the trucks are unrealistically overpowered (and some other specs may be unrealistic like mass), but that's an easy fix on my side.

Danke πŸ˜‰

I really like the AW K5, i also like the F150 from the Looks but the Ford has a big issue - missing driveshaft rolleyes.

The Original Trucks are quite high quality and the textures are eye candy. But as you mentioned the biggest issue with the original ones is the interior.

Yansors Ford F150 (1982) with TBT.Setup








These are my absolute favorite pickup trucks

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The apache is sweet!

One of my very nostalgic map from ST era (and quite challenging because of fuel consuption)
0_1554023280621_20190327210740_1.jpg 0_1554023293528_20190327211034_1.jpg 0_1554023302653_20190329221501_1.jpg 0_1554023315269_20190329221608_1.jpg 0_1554023342274_20190329223538_1.jpg 0_1554023540637_20190329220609_1.jpg 0_1554023543221_20190329220654_1.jpg 0_1554023552619_20190329220732_1.jpg 0_1554023555675_20190329221120_1.jpg 0_1554023558146_20190329221127_1.jpg 0_1554023570380_20190329221501_1.jpg

And this one is very nice, if you like very tight passages with sharp turns. So far, I haven't deliver a single log and whole session was spent on watchpoints and garages. Mainly because of that "accident" on a bridge...
But be ready to be superfrustrated because of camera!
0_1554023697514_20190330211726_1.jpg 0_1554023699281_20190330211735_1.jpg 0_1554023700715_20190330211742_1.jpg 0_1554023702794_20190330212323_1.jpg 0_1554023704377_20190330212532_1.jpg 0_1554023707064_20190330214455_1.jpg 0_1554023709040_20190330215327_1.jpg 0_1554023715625_20190330215806_1.jpg 0_1554023724968_20190330215842_1.jpg

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Putting Spun's new Log Jammer to good use. Now it's my favorite 2-axle logging truck (we have relatively few of those in this game). Now if you pay attention to the screenshots and you're familiar with this model, you'll notice I've made some tweaks to it (lowered various specs for more realism, and put in a slightly wider log bed from another mod).



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And now using a bigger truck on some of the same turns. Tipping hazard! Note the nice interior. I think this mod sets the bar (for all mods and the base game trucks).




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@sodoma said in Moments in the Mud:

One of my very nostalgic map from ST era (and quite challenging because of fuel consuption)

I guess i spend the most time on Green Plains when i played ST.
I still have the map in may head. I could drive there without uncloak a single whatchpoint. πŸ™‚

A few more pictures from my map. I hope that you like scenery πŸ™‚

just a couple quick teaser pics of Sasquatch Mountain by Blackwater and am lovin' it 😻
alt text
alt text
so, close. lol
alt text
alt text
alt text
ok, so a few more than a couple quick pics lol. anyway, made the first section without losing it. πŸ‘πŸ½
alt text

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after getting to the south garage on Sasquatch Mtn. i noticed the T section after it had an unmarked trail. hmmm..... let's see where it goes. lol
tough little climb, had to 1+ up the first bit and then quick shift to gear 1 to finish it up. i seriously did not think i was going to make it. that little notch just to the front of my left tire was the key. πŸ˜‰
alt text

was not long before it got interesting.
alt text
nasty bit here. mind your line.
alt text
i hear layin' frame is the cool thing to do?
alt text
finally getting out of it and on to a smooth bit, but it does not last long. πŸ˜’
alt text
after that tricky little section, hmmmm.... looks like up maybe? πŸ˜‰
alt text