Moments in the Mud

@8up-local what is this LOL transformer wannabe?

@Sodoma Nah, just a little bit of time travel. 😉

I present to you: stretchy guy😂😂

damn i thought Venom 2: carnage was due to come out later this year

@Unster said in Moments in the Mud:

Nah, just a little bit of time travel. 😉

@Jayson How did you trigger that? I've seen some crazy truck behavior, when the suspension wasn't set right or when passing too close to a closed block post with an unpacked load, but nothing like this!

@Unster im not gonna try and explain it haha imma just let u watch a vid hold up

@Unster ok ill have to upload it when i get home but basically me and @1967KAISERJEEP were doin kind of a tug of war and the trucks spaz out and if u are in the f150 you will do something unexplanable and destroy every thing in your path and get stuck at the top of the map.

@Jayson I get the idea. Sounds like your velocity went extreme from the tug of war. The physics in this game have their limits, and once you go beyond the normal bounds, you open up other dimensions. 😯

@Unster hey man. It happens with a bunch of trucks, for some reason the f150 goes the farthest. Yeah @Jayson and I last night did this, and he was about 1,000ft above the ground. He drove a Freightliner with a low boy trailer to exactly under the f-150 and was able to attach the winch from the f150 and then proceeded to winch like a crane the Freightliner and trailer about 700ft up. Had to perch my truck on a tree to point the camera upwards to see it.

He then disconnected the winch and when the trailer hit, the Freightliner wigged the hell out and did about 30 flips

@Jayson should we tell them about the ROCKS

@thombuggy u use Google translate or do u speak 2 languages? I see alot of people on Xbox that have different languages in mudrunner more than any game