Moments in the Mud

so while i was testing The Algonquian Expedition i happened to slip off the trail.
alt text

stuck with only one way to go it was a bit of a pucker.
alt text

still going
alt text

hell yeah, no lost loads today. am i good or what? lol
alt text

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@8up-local You're very brave using that medium trailer.. πŸ˜† I avoid using that at all costs.. It looks like you've mastered it though!

@kingpinn thanks man. will say i feel "mastered" is a bit strong of a word to use imo, but i have played with the ural and med trailer set up for many years now, which does help. lol

Here are a few more from a few of my recent adventures.

This one is from PiX3LMonkey's Gauntlet map. Probably the least difficult of this authors maps, I'm not really into this type of map but The Gauntlet was a lot of fun in the bigger trucks. It's definitely not one for the feint-hearted, and you have to concentrate at all times to avoid loosing it all. The Gauntlet is for the serious enthusiast.

It doesn't look exciting, but the path in the background was quite tricky in this truck due to how wide it is.

The Gauntlet

After the punishing terrain of The Gauntlet, I tried out the "Nervous work" map by Johnny_B.. It's not easy, in-fact there are some pretty tough parts but is simpler when compared to the previous map. The realistic landscaping made driving around a pleasure and challenges were well balanced with the difficult parts of the map appearing as if they would in real life. Overall the map felt like it should be a stock map.
Nervous Work

One of my favourite maps from the ST days was recently ported by the author Pyro-xv it's called "Rock Valley Landslide". I gave some feedback on the ST version of this map back in the day, and it turns out he saw it and amended the new version, so its different to the ST version. Awesome map, jam packed with detail and every inch is utilised in this small but very challenging level, use only your toughest trucks.

There are plenty of short cuts if you can spot them, but they are hard to get through, this is the end of one tricky part.
Rock Valley Landslide

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@kingpinn pretty cool looking maps. i might have to check them out when i get the chance. most of all though, that second pic is very nice. looks like it would make a great desktop imo.

@8up-local Thanks dude.. The Gauntlet has a Ural at the start so you should feel right at home.. lol

Definitely try the last one if you do try any of them.. I always make a challenge to take a truck with a 4 point garage cargo attachment on a vehicle transporter to the second garage, unlock it an go from there. Sounds easy, but its really not.. Well worth a go though.

Waiting for a full moon...
🐺 🌚

@joridiculous These are edited in Adobe Lightroom. I do use ReShade, but the UI is visible on screen shots. I use the default screenshot method and then edit the files after so it doesn't have the stuff on screen getting in the way.

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@sodoma those pics remind me, you ever play any maps by Schlammspringer? he did a couple neat things with bridges i liked. one was an easy one, just had the bridges just under the water making night crossings exciting. other was his "twisty" bridge. center pivot going lengthwise. if you got a bit too much to the left or right on the bridge it would teeter and you would roll off the sides. lol quite the fun challenge with a Medium load.

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That name rings a bell, but I am not sure about any specific map (Schla... He has to be from germany or something, isn't he?)
I definitely have met that bridge (rather unpleasant surprise BTW πŸ˜‚), but I can't find any picture in my archive...
But because this is "Offtopic" thread, I'll put in here some pictures from another game...πŸ˜‡
Actually, maybe that bridge was un the right-bottom corner. where picture is not big enough πŸ™‚

@sodoma yes he is from germany, he made some really good maps for spintires. btw here is a few pics of the "twisty" bridge. the trickiest load to cross this bridge with is the medium log load, mainly because of the trailer connection. lol

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

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Yes, I remember this one. What I remember also, is a colapsable bridge. Like it was able to support lets say (not sure about this) C-class empty, but not a D-class, and only B-class with load. Drive with heavier truck on it and it colapse. It was like it splits in half and both halves bent down independently. Quite a nice stuff, for a MOD πŸ™‚

Some pictures from "Last chance" map, last evening session:
4_1530217539904_20180628221635_1.jpg 3_1530217539904_20180628221626_1.jpg 2_1530217539903_20180628221359_1.jpg 1_1530217539903_20180628221346_1.jpg 0_1530217539903_20180628211928_1.jpg

nice pics. the Tatra is still one of the best mods so far.

Very cool love that tatra. Would it be wrong to post this here? It is moments in the mud, but IRL

Only thing I see wrong on your pics in here, is lack of actual mud πŸ˜‚

@sodoma lol I wanted to post a video I have of going through a mud hole but the forum won’t let me post a video. Gonna have to upload to YouTube and provide a link