More voice actors?

Tell me what you think guys.

I personally would enjoy more player character voices (like Day of Infamy successfully had lots of different player voices), rather than more skins and stuff.

I would actually pay for those, if they'd sounded funny/entertaining.

what do u guys think?

I dont like stereotypical voice lines but sometimes the Americans sound like insurgents. But yea more voice actors would be nice

A voice actor from the UK would be a good fit for Security as they already have some British Army guns like the L85 and the L106A1 pistol! ­čĄ×

And what about voiĐüelines, the variability of which increases as the character level increases. As a result, we'll get pretty commonplace voicelines at low levels and rich varied ones at high levels.

Yup, it would be great. I'd love to hear a British and German accent on Security, and maybe a Canadian eh?

For Insurgents it would be cool to get a broader range of Middle Eastern accents, and maybe some more eastern European ones as well.